Generous:Practical Applications for Biblical Stewardship

Generous: Practical Applications for Biblical Stewardship
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One of the most important subjects that should be taught to believers is the subject of stewardship.  Yet, most pastors struggle teaching this subject more than any other.  For 18 years Pastor Johnny Moore has taught his congregation the principles of Biblical stewardship and how to apply them in everyday life.  He has taken one month every year and preached a series on stewardship.  At the end of the series, there are always people that sign up to be new tithers and givers - it never fails!

This series, entitled, “Generous,”  is the latest series on stewardship.  This series enlisted 33 brand new tithers.  Every pastor should be preaching this series at their church.  Your people are hungry to be blessed, and this series will help you take your church on a life-changing stewardship journey.  Included in this five-message  kit are the audio sermons, the PowerPoint presentations and reproducible outlines for each message.  As you preach this series, you can get ready for a new spirit of generosity to break out in you people and in your church!

Week 1: Introduction
Week 2: Trust: The Foundation for Generous
Week 3: Tithe and Offerings: The First Steps of Generous
Week 4: The Extra: The Flow of Generous
Week 5: Thanksgiving: The Fruit of Generous
Set Includes: 5 Audio CDs, 1 Resource CD w/ PowerPoint presentations
and reproducible outlines
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